Funny things happening in development

Hey peops!

I searched for a thread, where you can post funny/weird stuff, which happened or was made in the development of your applications.
I would really like to see other peoples accidents or funny situations. If my pic in the signature isn’t weird enough, here is something, which actually is a part in my game :D.

Have a good laugh, sirs :).
I wish you a good day.

I’ll admit I cracked a smile :slight_smile:

We once chose a bad font for our game, and FLICK to slide turned out to be “FU*K to slide” on lower res devices.

@Jamen: That’s good to hear. Smiling trains the face muscles :).

@Andrej: Ok, this changes the context drastically :D. When I think about it, it’s like having a sexual agency simulator :).

Hahaha =D
Well… VR technology has come far… :smiley:

Oh yeah. That is definitely the reason, why VR technology was invented! They all have their high ideals, but behind the scenes they are all dirty people… :smiley:

Well… I came across a stupid bug/problem, which always tells me that I need to rebuild the lighting.
Needless to say that I got ****** :). The image shows my salt. I needed to vent it in the level blueprint^^.

Ah, that’s some classic. Watch out for characters named Edit: “Richard” in any game with violence too :smiley:

I was prototyping a game, and needed a quick mesh for visualizing a weapon being attached to the player…


Haha. You should maybe add a head, so you can recreate the little babies ice cream advertisement :D. Well, here is a new screeny from me: