Funny game idea. Potentially discussing mature content.

This is an idea rather than an actual game that I’m working on, so I figured it would be more appropriate to post it as off-topic. This is more of a joke idea, so don’t take it too seriously.

I got this idea while I was thinking about the funny physics that occur on certain characters in fighting games (you know what I’m talking about). Sarcastically, I thought, “why not go even further and make the characters’ clothes come off too?” Then, an idea hit me: what about a fighting game predicated on that thought? And now I have the idea for Strip Fighter.

The Idea
Title: Strip Fighter
Players: Two
High Concept: Parody of fighting games where players strip each other.

In this fantasy world, there is a game show where people strip each other for the audience’s entertainment. Players who win proceed to the next round, while losers are publicly humiliated by an onstage punishment. The grand prize winner will receive a lot of money/valuables. I wonder what country would allow this kind of show to run?

There will be a roster of beautiful women and handsome men to choose from. Both players start the fight fully clothed. The attack buttons will make the players grab/tear clothes off instead of punching/kicking. The first player to get stripped down to their undergarments loses the match. When a player loses, their character is subjected to a stage specific punishment sequence for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

There will be a lot of drama and whatevs for the characters involved. Each character will have their own motivation for winning the competition and getting the prize money. If this game’s a parody, though, I probably shouldn’t make the plot too serious unless I plan to invert the parody and make something more serious out of this. Actually, making the plot serious might be a good contrast to the gameplay. The weird premise may be the hook, but the drama can be the thing that keeps players interested in the game.

As I said, don’t take this too seriously. It’s a parody on fighting games with a commentary on their “physics.” Also, it’s only an idea, although this may be funny to make if I can get it approved for an M rating or lower.

What about you guys? Any wacky ideas that you’ve ever come up with, or any game that you’ve thought about parodying?

Whoops, I forgot that Namco already did this in Soul Calibur 4. I didn’t play the third one, so I’m not sure when they introduced it.

Funny story:
I brought Soul Calibur 4 to play at school with some classmates (we had an open period). They got very awkward when the characters’ clothes started coming off. The game was rated T, so it wasn’t like the characters were naked or doing anything sexual (well, you do have Ivy and Voldo and…). Sadly, I had to shut down the game because they couldn’t handle it. I actually thought the feature was entertaining, but yeah…too bad the game didn’t have an option to turn that feature off.

Not a bad concept for a game, but could potentially end up having you (or any developer in general) spend hundreds of hours coding the relevant physics and animations for a game that ultimately loses the player’s interest rather quickly. Silly ideas in a game are fun, but games based solely around one or two silly ideas grow boring really fast.

Probably shouldn’t be typing this since my posts are still in the moderator-approval stage, but I always thought it’d be funny if I could somehow, quickly make a sword fighting game with realtime swing manipulation and everything, only you’ll be holding your ******* instead of wielding an actual weapon. Dickfencing if you will.
Maybe I should talk to a shrink about that.