Simple/complex question - what is the best way of getting a funding for your project? You are welcome to share your ideas and experience.

The best way? Get a job.

Been there, done that.

Have a decent prototype/vertical slice, along with market research, cost estimations and so on, then get to know the right people.

I agree with all the recommendations above. But…

Before you pursue funding, you need to know why you need it? Most go for funding game development, but completely forget about funding the marketing. Many Game Devs are turning to crowdfunding and this would be the route I would personally take because it does not require you to give away equity in your creation. Thats the upside, the downside is you’re not guaranteed to get your funding.

In the interim, fund your own project with working EXTRA jobs (Freelancing), Start a ‘Side’ Business, Sell Game Assets in Marketplaces (ie: This is in itself show you’re willing to put in your own time and money to develop a game you believe in. How could you expect someone else to take a risk on you, if you don’t take one on yourself.

Funding doesn’t guarantee any success. Figuring out how to develop and market the game you want without funding will guarantee success in the long term because you’ll develop powerful skills in the process.

This topic is a nest of vipers. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s no magic answer and so much has changed / is changing!
Personally, I’d pay for a sit down with a team / individual who’ve been successful in the past 3 years.
Meantime, hunt for case studies… Some Tech-Journals have done some pretty interesting research. :wink:

Thanks for your answers guys. Always nice to know some more.
By the way, is there any sense in going to a publisher with a prototype in hope of getting funded and published? Or perhaps it is better to try a crowdfunding campaign and then talk to a publisher when the game is closer to its finished state?
Also I think this video may be quite helpful 7 Ways to Fund Your Indie Game! [2019] - YouTube
Did anyone have any cooperation experience with these guys? As I understand, they offer lots of help in the building of campaign for your project.