Funday - FuriousEleganceContest

FUNDAY - FuriousEleganceContest

I’m not a student.

The entire set was built with assets from the Quixel Library.

Scorpion Model was Purchased from Turbo Squid, but I ended up rigging it.

The music is called “Sunshine in my Heart” by the Jingle Punks. It’s a royalty free song from the YouTube Library.

Very few creatures have a look as intimidating as the Scorpion. It has have evolved into the perfect killing machine. It’s entire design is streamline for ruthless efficiency… but what if it just wasn’t into all that?

I’ve been trying to learn Unreal for years and this seemed like a fun project with a reasonable deadline that would force me to dig in and actually finish something. the animation was done in Maya and exported via Alembic. I learned a lot on this little project and poking around with a real-time workflow has been an amazing experience.

Unreal Version 5.1.1


Hi there @BrianVowles,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far!

“Perfect killing machine…ruthless efficiency” is exactly what I’ve always imagined a scorpion to be.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a scorpion as cute but somehow you’ve managed to create exactly that. The little guy dancing with the beat, snuggling into his sleeping spot, and twirling off screen definitely forced out an reluctant “awe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:” from me.
Scorpion cuteness aside, the animations and environment are perfect! Every new angle and movement felt skillfully crafted and incredibly high quality. It seems like the years of practice with Unreal Engine has really paid off.

Thanks for sharing and good luck in the challenge! :slight_smile: :scorpion:

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I’d like to thank you for animating how my brain is at night when I sleep LOL I’m dying that was hilarious. That dive at the end is very Christopher Walken “Weapon of Choice” if you get the reference haha. GREAT work


HAHAHA… I get the reference and you’re not wrong… good eye… I totally ripped it off. I watched that a few times for inspiration. The very first shot, where the scorpion is just sitting there is pretty much the same as in the video… the slow build up to the “what the hell?” moment. :smile:

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Voted, it is really cooool

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Awweee, Thanks!!