Fund - sl/gmod on ue4 - c++ masterpiece…creatordestroy

CREATORDESTROY is the most advanced runtime-dynamic user-generated virtual reality social gaming experience ever created. Entirely constructed on Unreal Engine 4 through a custom hand stitched C++ back-end, our goal is to be the most visually appealing VR platform with the most bells and whistles and the least limitations. Heavily inspired by games such as Garry’s Mod & Second Life our goal is to create a hybrid of the two with all the positive features from more modern VR platforms currently emerging. The difference between us and the other VR platforms? We want you to play. Our experience will feel more like Grand Theft Auto or World of Warcraft depending on which server you connect to, game play will heavily vary.

OUR NETWORK can host approximately 768 users per every 16 GB server with an average CPU. Everything after that is a matter of what you render comfortably - which is why our video settings include the ability to stream 3d mesh objects in accordance with view distance, LOD and texture quality levels. There will be no limitation on how many users or assets exist within a server, your only limitation is your hardware.

THE CURRENCY in our game will real world currency exchange, users will be able to purchase our currency and exchange it for in-game items and services. We will return real world cash on our website through a currency exchange system. Users will be able to legally gamble according to jurisdiction. There will be no limitation on pornographic material as long as it as well is legal within your jurisdiction, opening the opportunity for red light districts within our game in total compliance with the Unreal Engine 4 EULA. Users will be able to pay other users to park their avatar as AI on their land or servers, creating the opportunity for people to park their computers for cash in exchange for computing.

THE COMMUNITY is in charge - they control the currency, they control the servers, they control the code, they control the content, the sound, the visuals, the avatars, the clothing, the animations, the music. It is all controlled by the community. The only thing in control by the creator is the source code, which one day may be controlled by the community as well. Upon launch the only dedicated server instances will be official servers, which will be available for rent at very low rates, but even the server hosting will one day be controlled by the community. It is our community’s job to CREATE or DESTROY as they please.

THE PHYSICS & GAME PERFORMANCE of our platform is simply not to be messed with. You’re not here to stand around and talk. You are here to be entertained or to entertain, you are here to play. Because clients will ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD assets, a lot less communication between client and server is required allowing some very impressive things to be done with next to no limitations… Of course, if you wish to do nothing but stand around and talk, or that’s all your computer can support - there’s still room for you too!

OUR RUNTIME ASSET UPLOAD & FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM allows users to utilize the power of the free-to-download Unreal Engine 4 Editor to cook and pack mesh, rigged mesh, animations, sounds and more into .UASSET files which are able to then be uploaded with the click of a button in-game which opens a File Browser. These files are then sent to a master file server and are distributed accordingly to both clients and servers when need be. Uploaded files are able to be accessed from the owner’s inventory which allows the owner to spawn or edit said asset, modify the entity’s permissions, transfer the asset, copy the asset and edit the asset’s own inventory. Users are able to place LUA code within asset inventories which will then apply code to the asset the code is placed within. Runtime LUA code and runtime object manipulation much like that of any modern 3d modeling program will allow any user to entirely create a game within a game, without ever having to restart a single client or server.…creatordestroy

Join my DISCORD at and follow the channel #CRODENET for more screenshots and updates from the past. Will post more here in due time!

Presentation of LIVE coding and the game itself every Friday at 8 PM EST…-vr-experience