Fund an official Epic Games trainer to create regular videos on Unreal Engines

Please Epic Games, can you fund an official Unreal Engine trainer to make regular videos to help the community take full advantage of the game engine and thus continue to grow the many projects.
Everyone would be a winner and this respects what you say during the conferences “to support all types of community projects”. Also, this prevents bad free trainers on Youtube from offering bad ways to use the game engine.

The videos would be:

  • Basic training (regularly updated according to new features/engine modifications)
  • C++ only training
  • Training courses only Blueprints
  • Advanced training with professional techniques
  • Training on each individual Unreal tool as well as widely used plugins
  • Short training courses on tips, things to avoid
  • Modules on different types of gameplay and different styles of video games (2D game, FPS game, survival game, car game, pro interaction system, pro menu system, etc…)
  • Network training (EOS, dedicated server)
  • Training on optimization

Fingers crossed