Functions not getting called

So some basic functions in urneal engine won’t get called is, that due to a new Windows version or some hacks or whatever?

What functions are not getting called? When are you expecting them to be called?

seems awfully vague, maybe give some more info
what ‘hacks’ anyway? :rolleyes:

mmmh my bad, there was a function in another state not getting called,

funcrtion NormalFunction()
`log("FROM Actor normalFunction ");

State NptNormalState
function NormalFunction()
//It doesent do anyth8ing here


a big misconception

But anyways idk why there’s one of my particles that aint working

so functions ok?
what’s the problem with that particle? this for AI no trail and for me i do have trail.

To see it from the ai, you need to replicate that event to yourself or all clients thru replication…