Functions is missing const qualifier

Hi !

I’m new to C++ and I’ve a problem. I’m trying to call a function from a const UActorComponent* but I’ve an error that I don’t understand : Cannot convert “this” argument from type “const UGizmoShape” to type “UGizmoShape”; function is missing const qualifier. Can anyone help me to understand it please?

Here’s the code :

void Visualizer::DrawVisualization(const UActorComponent* Component, const FSceneView* View,    FPrimitiveDrawInterface* PDI)
	const UGizmoShape* gizmoShape = Cast<UGizmoShape>(Component);

I had to make the function “const” because the pointer was “const” too. Here’s how I did it :

virtual void DrawGizmo(FPrimitiveDrawInterface* PDI) const;