Functions from function libraries give errors when re-opening project

Win 7 64 bit, UE 4.6.1.

I have a couple function libraries that I make use of in a number of blueprints. Any blueprint that uses this library will fail to compile upon re-opening project. only way to solve it is to re-compile function library itself(even though it does not say it needs it.)

Hi ,

Does this happen with any of your function libraries, or only some? Does it only happen with custom function libraries? Would you mind zipping and attaching .uasset for one of libraries with which this error occurs? Thanks!

Right now it is happening with both of function libraries, however, I use functions from both libraries in one of blueprints that exhibits this problem so I can’t preclude possibility that it may be related to blueprint itself.

I’ll up one of libs and send it your way.


Just checking in to see if this issue is still happening for you. If so, let me know if you can send one of problem libraries to me. Thanks!

Hi ,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while on this, so I’m resolving post for now. If you’re still seeing this behavior and get opportunity to and attach one of problem libraries for us, we’ll continue looking into it. Thanks!

I am having this problem. Where do I send library?

You can and attach it here in a comment.

I don’t own BP code, it belongs to my company, so I can’t attach it in a public comment (trivial as it might be).

You can send me a download link via PM on forums, if you’d prefer.

OK, file sent.

Can you post your findings here? I’m still having this issue, but because of some dependencies, I haven’t been able to completely separate blueprint library I’m having issues with in order to send it to you.

Will do, though I’ll be keeping details of David’s .uasset private. Hopefully we’ll be able to narrow down cause and enter a bug report for devs. I’ll let you know what happens.

Another data point as we narrow in on this: issue has persisted after replacing several of functions in function library. It seems like it may not be tied to a particular node or function but to library object itself possibly.

I understand if neither of you can share entire project. If you’re able to create a small test project that reproduces this issue, that would be very helpful. As of now, I don’t have reliable reproduction steps and I haven’t been able to see this particular bug in 4.6 yet.

I should be able to share entire project with you. I’ll work on hosting it some place this week and I’ll pm you link.

Sounds good. I’ll keep looking for a repro here as well.

Hi all,

I haven’t heard back from you in a little while, so I’m resolving this post for now. We believe this may be fixed as a result of UE-11185, which is included in 4.7.3. GitHub commit for that, if you’re interested, is this:

If you upgrade to 4.7.3 when it is released (happening real soon) and this issue is not resolved, please let us know. Thanks!

Will do. We’re hoping to migrate to 4.7 code soon. Maybe we can grab head revision and get that change.

4.7 branch on GitHub is what we’ll be releasing as 4.7.3, or pretty close, and this commit should be included.

, sorry it’s taken so long. I have an update on this for you though.

I discovered issue: Placing a “get all actors of class” node in your function library seems to cause issue. I’ve reproduced it in new function libraries to confirm. problem goes away once you remove offending node.

Note: Node must be pointing to an object, and not ‘none’