FunctionLibrary Colapse Expand function issue

Branch:Source build from GitHub 4.7 Branch fa09da4 20 hours old at this time.

Build version: 4.7.3-0+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7

Using this version due to UE-11185.
I have ran in to a at this time minor issue where in if you collapse a number of nodes to a function and these nodes contain a function from same FunctionLibrary and re expand them. functions that are in same blueprint are missing.

100% Repro Steps:
Brand new project

  1. Create a new function library
  2. Create 2 new functions
  3. make NewFunction_0 call function NewFunction_1
  4. right click NewFunction_1 Colapse to function (creating NewFunction_2)
  5. Right Click NewFunction_2 expand Graph.

further information:
any other nodes will re expand properly(values etc.) any functions from other BP’s will properly be recreated.

let me know if i can provide any further info etc.

Screenshots: excessive Nodes are to empisise where missing function is.

Hi Sychris,

Thanks for report! It looks like this was a problem in 4.7.2 as well; Expand Node appears to be deleting any function call nodes inside it. You don’t even need to collapse anything into a function to see it happen, just Expand Node on a function call and it will be deleted. I reproduced this in 4.7.3 build as well as 4.7.2 and our main internal build, and I’ve entered a bug report for it (UE-11845). I’ll let you know as soon as I see any update on it. Thanks again!

Thank you much :slight_smile: