Functionality that needs to be exposed, and BPs that don't work as expected


I understand the Ark devs are very busy, and cannot be bothered with mundane requests consistently. But, there seems to be a frequent problem I am seeing here and on IRC. People are having problems accessing objects that aren’t exposed, OR, we are changing functionality in blueprints and it’s having no effect. It would be super nice if the devs could look at these issues, but maybe we can compile a list for them to look at once it gets big enough to be fair to both parties.

I’m going to start a list here. If the devs want to use it great, if not, it will be a good point of reference.

Issue list:

-No ability to change the default render distance on foliage.

-Changing “Can Walk” does not actually change the players ability to walk, cannot be modified at run time either

-Cannot modify players food, stamina, health, torpor, temperature at run time

-In “StructureBaseBP” or in the C++ class “PrimalStructure.h/.cpp” please expose the Transform->Mobility value to blueprint

-Expose “Structure To Build” in Primal Item Structure Generic to blueprints.

-Cannot properly trigger onoverlap events on trigger volumes. Have re-created the exact same scenario in default UE4.8 editor, and the problem does not exist there.

-Yet to test this but I don’t think we can create tribes in blueprints

Having the max distance on the clutter layers exposed would be fantastic for us mappers, to help us fine tune the look. I’m not sure on the sort of performance hit it would cause, but I imagine it is more dependent on actual mesh count then distance from the player. Being able to change the max distance would let us work with different cluttering styles, such as a layer of low poly fill meshes to fill out distant areas better.

+1. default render distance makes my field look bad

Default render distance on foliage will always be overridden by player graphics settings… otherwise mods would be forcing higher quality settings that player’s PCs cant handle.
Unless you mean default foliage respawn distance… e.g. having trees/stones/shrubs respawn closer to structures.

I’d also add 2 things:

  • ability to read/write player current and max attributes. e.g. interrogate what a players health is and/or as a percentage of max health. And be able to add/multiply both current and max values as required. I’ll add stamina, torpor, experience, temperature etc. to this request as well. It let’s us do very cool mods.

Foliage works that way because they coded it that way, that’s not how it works in default UE. For me it’s a must and I really am hoping they change it.

Player experience exists under the player status, but you’re right, the rest aren’t there. Added them to the list.

Really the control over player variables is the biggest one for me. Large parts of my TC mod will not be possible without that feature. This should extend to ALL player variables, not just a select few.

If you guys have anything to add to the list, let me know!

Health being able to be manipulated via blueprinting would open up a whole new world for modder’s I think :wink:

I’m hoping this is something that we can edit and manipulate outside of consumables as well (only way you can as of last time I checked)

Hey could you tell me what problems you’ve had? I had some issues in the past but I fixed them and haven’t had any issues since, maybe I can help.

Someone correct me if i’m wrong but the “hit event” doesn’t seem to get called for projectiles. I would like this to be added if possible. Thanks

Cosumables dont work well because it alows us to add/take current hp ect, But we need to be able to modify Max ect Directly. (EDIT: Transfer same thing for Dinos so we can modify things like aggro ect on runtime.)