[Functional Request]Enhance the quality of high resolution screenshot tools

The quality of high resolution screenshots in the Unreal engine is really bad, full-screen TAA blurred, jagged, various edges blurred, it is far inferior to NVIDIA Ansel screenshots;

Not only poor quality, but also great obstacles in interceptible resolution. Ansel’s mosaic method and anti-aliasing can make Ansel obtain very high quality static images, and can intercept tens of thousands of resolution images; while high resolution screening tools, even the top-end graphics card, can only intercept about 6-8 times the resolution.

However, Ansel is always an external plug-in, which can not intercept all the real-time images of Unreal engine completely. This is a big defect.

Unreal Engine’s high resolution screenshot tool is becoming more and more important today in the industry of Unreal Engine. For example, people who use Unreal Engine for building visualization must be full of complaints about this high resolution screenshot tool, as well as many other industries.

High resolution screenshot tools really have a lot of room for improvement, even if we add some console commands to them, they can greatly enhance their own effects.

Unreal’s high-resolution screenshot tool needs a thorough update. EPIC is requested to update such an important function as DXR at 4.22. At the same time, it can improve the high-resolution screenshot tool to a certain extent, improve the quality of interception and the way of interception, so as to obtain higher-resolution screenshots and higher-quality static images.

After all, static image is still an indispensable thing for many industries. Improving the quality of static image production of Unreal engine will certainly make the industrial application of Unreal engine more popular.

In other words, we spend a lot of energy to arrange the whole scene, we can easily get animation rendering and other results, but we can not even get a high-resolution, high-quality static image;

I’d love it if Epic was able to integrate a version of Ansel into the editor as a replacement of the high resolution screenshot tool. It has been useless since day one. I’ve had to set my monitor to super sampling resolutions and then take screen shots in order to get high resolution images.

Yes, the image quality of high resolution screenshots is really bad, especially when TAA is used, and even to some extent it is not as comfortable as the original resolution.

For EPIC, updating such a tool should not be very troublesome, after all, Ansel has achieved very high resolution and good quality image acquisition, but unfortunately Ansel does not support too many effects;

After all, in many industries, they prefer to get a high quality image in 30 seconds instead of 30 bad images in 1 second.

i am using GitHub - rdeioris/AnselCapture: Hack of the official Unreal Engine Ansel plugin for allowing continuous capturing (360 videos) way for ansel render. works well with cinecamera for super resolution cinematic (no camera shifting in UE 4.22) but major issue is render image is more blur than my camera dof (lose of detail). and some reflection issue is there. i cant compromise with those issues.
how i can get ride of this issues. Please help needed.