Function wont return an array on its call node

Im trying to call a custom function I put together and it should return an array of Actors, but on the call node the output pin doesnt appear. If i change the output variable to simply return a single actor instead of being an array it appears, but any type of array it will not appear.

Everything compiles perfect with no errors, am i missing something or is this a bug??

Im assuming this is a Bug, since someone moved this to the Bug Reports section?

I guess it wont be fixed until the next patch either :frowning:

Hi DevilsD,

Which version of the editor are you using? I attempted to reproduce this in 4.5.1 & 4.6 but I could get your results. This is what I am seeing:


Could you post a screenshot of your entire blueprint setup for this function? Perhaps it’s a combination of nodes that is causing the issue.

I packed the project into a .rar and uploaded it to my FTP if that helps.

But heres a full screenshot if thats all you need.

Im using 4.6

Let me know what you find :slight_smile:

Edit: I just realised you wanted a different screenshot of the function layout itself. The function is quite large and i cant get a proper screenshot showing good enough detail to get it all, it is included in the project i packaged linked above. The blueprint function is located in this directory: Game/Raw/Maps/Gametypes/GameType_DeathMatch::GetSpawnPointDeathMatch()

There is nothing wrong with how you have your blueprint function setup. I don’t have a reason for why it isn’t showing the return node but I found a workaround that will repair it. It takes a few minutes but recreating the function from scratch will work.


Since I couldn’t reproduce this issue outside of your project, I believe it is just an odd one-off error. But if you see this happen again please post back to let us know and we will continue investigating.



Thanks for the information.

I redesigned my function a few days ago to get around it since the first reply took a few days.

I just had the same problem with 4.7.3, anything in particular that I should watch out for?

I suppose thats what I did:

  1. Hit “+ Function”, set a name, double click to edit
  2. Start building a Graph, and when done create the output field, plus wiring it in
  3. Compile, go to the other Graph, drop the node in

I noticed from your screenshot that the “broken” Function has an Arrow symbol (pointing right), while the “working” Function has a math-style F instead.

I see the same thing here; the dropped node has the arrow; and no outputs appear at all.

This is an old question, but since then i havent had the issue return.

Like TJ said the best thing to do would be to try and recreate your function again from scratch, either that or post your own bug report so it gets seen again if you can find it to be reproducible.

But like i said i havent run into it again and cant remember specifically how i managed to cause it since it was some time ago.

I am having the exact same problem. My function is large as well. I have already posted the issue and came across this post. The weird thing is I am following a digital tutor tutorial verbatim and am getting this unpredictable result only when dragging the compiled function into another function as per the video.

Are you using the same version? 4.6?

If so, try updating if that is an option. I havent come across this issue since using the newer versions of the engine.

If updating isnt an problem, the only solution i found to work was to rebuild the function from scratch. You could at least try and copy and paste all nodes into a brand new function signature and see if that works.

Also, try refreshing all nodes, or at least the function call node, if you had changed some Input/Output variables it may just need a refresh.