Function that requests the player to press the Left Mouse Button (at a very specific moment).

Greetings people!

I am not a programmer, but need to finish a Demo version of game for my course. And my former programmer abandoned the group.
Now I must try to do it by myself, I am counting on every help possible.

This Demo version is a tutorial for the player… Until now I have been successful, but at this very moment I found a problem and don’t know how to solve.

Imagine that the player enters inside a DOJO (begin ovelap). After begin overlap trigger2, the storyteller is describing a situtation. Some texts are being displayed in sequence, inside UMG textbox multi-line. After some paragraphs, at a very specific moment, the storyteller says “Is time to learn your movements, press Left Mouse Button for hit1”.

Then, comes my doubt.

My intention is to teach the inputs for the player. At this very moment I want the player to press Left Mouse Button, then my UMG DialogueBox displays a message of “congratulations you did it”. I want to do the same with all the other hits, everything in sequence.

How should I do this function?
I want the function after the last “set text”.

I will show my stuff, maybe that could help =]

Just set a boolean for “clickNow”, call that when you want them to click, then have it with a delay before setting “clickNow” to false and go to whatever else you want to happen in that circumstance.

Then you have your function called on Left Click. Just put a branch there checking if “clickNow” is true and then fire off your function.

Thanks! I will try =)

Where does the boolean must be setted? Inside my character blue print ou inside the level blue print?

I already have the input LeftMouseButton for hit1, then I setted the boolean “LeftMouseButtonClicked” on my character blue print

Then I tryed to create again on the level blue print

Unfortunatelly,nothing happens, the dialogue box does not update

well guys, in this time I setted the boolean inside the level blue print, and also have un-checked the “Consume Input checkbox”. Now the player can perform hit 1 .


Unfortunatelly, still the same


The message do not updates after clicking the left button… I’m doing something wrong?

Before your delay you want to set your “clickNow” boolean to true.
On your character do a check for “clickNow” before you set your “left mouse button clicked”.
Then after the delay you want to do a cast to your character to check if the “left mouse button clicked” is true. You don’t want it as a local variable in that blueprint, you need to do a cast to where the value is being set and get it from there.