Function always returns false, even if it should return true


I’m a trying to create a function for an inventory item (a potion in this case), that tells me if the player has enough ingredients to create this item.

To do this, I created a function returning a bool value. I have two float variables, InventoryAmount and RequiredAmount, that are set automatically which works fine. When I then try to compare the values of the two variables with float >= float I get false no matter what I do.
I am pretty sure that the pins are in right order, but I nevertheless tried switching the pins which resulted in the same behavior and returned false even if the InventoryAmount was smaller than RequiredAmount.

I also tried to use a **float < float **together with a NOT node behind it, but when I have sufficient ingredients, the lower than node returns false and it stays false even after applying NOT to it.

I have really no idea what could be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!