Fun VR musical instrument project using 4.26 and native OSC output

Hi all,

Thought it would be fun to share this UE 4 Virtual Reality musical instrument demo performance we gave at SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live show this year:

Coretet is built in Unreal and currently uses a Pure Data audio engine (external) connected to UE via the native Open Sound Control classes.

I’m optimizing the project to run untethered on Quest 2 (so Android), and working on encapsulating the STK physical string models as an Unreal audio plugin.



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Hey, Rob,

Congrats for the research! VR instruments are a fascinating trend…

I’m a digital music instrument designer also, and I’ll start porting now a DMI of mine (in Pure Data also) to run standalone in Quest 2 - also…

Did you progress on making your instrument standalone in Quest 2?

After a little research, I see that you once integrated Pd with Unreal for a VR project via a somewhat complicated setup, compiling UE4 with WWise as a plugin, 5 years ago… so today UE is in version 5, the Heavy compiler is discontinued… So, is this the way to go nowadays?