Fun stuff you can do with Sixense controllers

I just wanted to brag about it over here instead of derailing that other conversation too much. I really loved the Razer Hydra (a.k.a. Sixense) and it’s too bad people didn’t do more with it. It’s a lot cheaper than the VR controllers that come with the Rift and Vive. Razer tried making an updated wireless version of the controller, but I don’t think it ever took off.

Years ago I made a VR shooter game where you aimed the gun with your hand: Oculus Rift plus Razer Hydra VR First Person Shooter - YouTube. The biggest limitation was actually the headset drift. The controllers’ forward position assumed that your body was facing a certain way, and the game and camera assumed that your head was centered on the body center. The Rift DK1, seen in that video, had terrible drift. By the end of the video, I’m practically looking over my shoulder to face forward in the game.

More recently, the youth in my church are absolutely clueless when it comes to conducting music. So I made a game for them that speeds up and slows down the music based on when your hands reach certain locations in the music-conducting pattern. My biggest challenge there was finding churchy music that was consistently the same tempo. (Even absent a ritardando or accelerando, non-EDM music rarely keeps machine-precise timing.)

Maybe one day I would like to revisit what you can do with motion controls. But when I do that, it will be with a Kinect or something.