Fun Advertising Biz & Royalties to Epic

When I got the news that the unreal engine became free to use, I became very excited and was eager to learn how to use the engine to create interesting content. However, from a developer perspective in the advertising world, some projects that may get proposed to utilize the unreal engine may or may not unknowingly fall under the royalties category.

The company I work for is an advertising company that mainly deals with clients that need help advertising their brand. It spans across food, restaurants, internet service providers, clothing, etc. We are not in the business to develop game to sell to the public, say distribute a paid game via steam or the Apple App store (but we might make a visual experience app, free to download on the App store).

One client we have in particular that we do a lot of hands on work with, deals with educational science. We will most of the time create a fun “stunt” to get people talking about to spread word via social media, for the client. We actually do this for this client free of charge, be it outdoors, or in their exhibit. But in return, we do this for winning awards in advertising.

My question, if we made, say a VR experience of the inside of a human heart, that lives in a kiosk cabinet at the exhibit. We don’t charge the client for development of the VR experience, however, the client’s exhibit charges admission to get into the whole exhibit. Would this happen to fall under the 5% royalties due to Epic?

Another question is if we did a different stunt with VR experience available outdoors, available for the public to experience, but trying to advertise a brand. Would this also fall under the 5% royalties due to Epic?

Thanks helping :slight_smile: