FumeFX and / or other Voxel based for Vector

I will link to that archived question which was during the beta so that people can keep a track here.

@Epic, Can we have any update regarding that?

I’ve written a script to export FumeFX velocities from 3DS Max, but I’m having trouble getting multiple frames imported as a single vector field.

If someone with Maya could upload a small, multi-frame example exported with Epic’s velocity grid script then that would help enormously.

Not exactly what you want but still better than nothing for now for Max users.

Here’s the script. It basically does the same as the Maya one, though a lot less elegantly due to the limitations of the FumeFX/MaxScript interface. Instructions are inside. I’ll probably try for a less clunky method using PFlow or the free version of Krakatoa sometime next week.

I misunderstood the documentation when it referred to animated vector fields, so getting a full simulation working in the engine isn’t going to be quite so straightforward. I’ve added it to the list of things I’ll be looking at, but it’s a pretty long list already so don’t hold your breath.