Fully functional vehicle pack for Unreal 4 engine

At first i was intended to be free pack for market place but had some big complications so i need this to be released as payed pack.

Worked hard on this pack hope that it will be approved by Epic, learned a lot and had some fun.

awesome pack ! but i am afraid about copyright vehicle to use in a commercial game… ?

very interesting , just one question , can the vehicles take passengers that could use the weapons

Fantastic work, looks great, I hope it does well.


Dude, this is awesome. Brings back fond memories of playing Interstate '76.

Thank you guys worked hard on it planed to expand more vehicle in future.
Unreal 4 engine is very good but its not best engine for vehicles, i have ton of request and complaints about vehicle system.
Biggest one is why is there no custom collision import, sometimes simple collision like sphere and cube cant do proper job, and why is there no auto-stop for vehicle when its exited , i even cant figure out that in blueprints, i will make a list and submit it hope that it will be fixed in near future, love EPIC because they started listening fans back in 1998 and never stopped

@Jago138 dont know bud about that, didn’t crossed my mind, but i didn’t put the vehicle name on it or any kind of logo maybe if change name from for example from LitleBird to let say a JumpBird just an idea :slight_smile:
@Geodav with blueprints you can do everything but for now no there is no secondary seat, but im not best with blueprints and even now i have some idea how to do it
@MajorFailure thank you bud i hope that it will be use full in some projects
@Necrophob30 haha when creating test map i too find some similarities, those blend textures heheh you must be old as i m to remember Interstate '76.

looks nice is it replicated?

Curious as well - Is this multiplayer Compatible?

Also What would be the price point of this?

Do you have plans for any form of Main Battle Tanks?

The main thing that gets with Tanks me is the treads and how they should function in both Blueprints and Materials. :slight_smile:


Great work you’ve done here.

I think a great way to complete this release or perhaps to include in a future update, would be to include some type of plane. Helicopters are close, but they function more like high-flying hovercrafts; planes “soar” like birds do and aren’t typically capable of stopping in mid air like helicopters.

In the old mods for Unreal Engine 1 and 2 games, modders used the UnrealScript of the guided missile projectiles (attached to a model) to mimic the flight of plane. I don’t know yet how that could be done in Blueprint, but if you’ve gotten this far in your project, I doubt that a plane would be difficult for you to create.

Again, I think a plane would be a great addition to your project because it would then include all vehicle types.

I’m looking forward to this showing up in the Marketplace.

+1 for Fixed Wing Aircraft like Jets. :slight_smile:

Great work! Any plans on two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles)?

Question: When is the release date and when can we get our hands on this?

Also Bump. :slight_smile:

Hi, RaPtOr_v9600

[FONT=Arial Black]Unblinkingly, this should be on the market!!!

Is abled to Multiplayer? Can I use it only as third person view mode?
Customized static meshes can be easily interchanged for any vehicle modality?


Thank You guys just had some major issue with 4.9 release had to rework some stuff, with this 3 blueprints you can change or make own vehicle just switch meshes.
For example if you need to rework helicopter behavior and have good knowledge with blueprints and some aviation experience, you can make it to behave just like in real world, or same as in BF 3-4

Creating some good fixed jets are out of my league but if you need one this can make it for sure his chanell tooner - YouTube

In future i plan to release a tank, full model from scratch hi-poly, low poly then a blueprints input.

I submitted the package to Epic folks hope that it will be enough to be on market place.

Hi, RaPtOr_v9600

Surely it’ll be on the ToDo-list for my next project in 2016, a futuristic post-apocalyptic warfare, advanced vehicles against dragons and giant monsters.


will this also be available for 4.8?

@lunyBunny hehe **** you just gived me idea heheh
@CrushedI built this in 4.7 and was tested in 4.8 and 4.9 but still waiting from EPIC guys to see if its good for market place

Very nice, can u make sailing pack? no one did any blueprints for ships :confused:

Hm im sure that some one can create good sailing pack but that is out of my league i tried some experiments to achieve good buoyancy but results not very god.

I got feedback from Epic my hud for ammo counter is not working properly, i think because i rearrange pack so i need to fix that

Follow this as it looks great.