Fully functional game entirely for the market.

Hello fellow developers/artists. I want to start developing game assets for the unreal market. As i am a beginner in unreal engine development, in order to insure good quality, i will develop a game with my assets so that i can test them in a real game environment.
I am serious about it! Here are my credentials: 37 yo from Romania. Been a computer programer for 15 years. I worked professionally in C, C++, C#, Objective C and Swift. As game developer i have experience with native iOS (cocos2d) and unity3d. I have launched 15 games.
I do not have experience creating game assets or programming with my mouse! That … well… that is a shock for me.
So, the purpose is to create assets for the store!
To insure quality, i will also develop a game based on assets created by me alone!
Here is what I have so far:
A farm like blueprint:
A fence creation blueprint:

about 100 meshes, some modular, some animations, all of them low(ish) poly and in a cartoonish stile! I have 2 variations for LOD. Like here: