Fullscreen Ruins the Resolution?

Hello everyone!

How are you all?

I was just curious if anyone else was have the problem where setting a game to use Fullscreen completely blurs everything.

It’s as if my game got downgraded 10 times over.

Is it a scaling issue perhaps?

I’m using a 4K monitor so I’m sure if for whatever reason it’s trying to force an upscale and something isn’t going right?

Any help is appreciated.

~ Jason

Are you using display scaling within windows? You might want to set Unreal to not use screen scaling? (Right click on UE launcher, Properties, Compatibility, Disable screen scaling).

See if that helps?

Well at 4K resolution a 1024X texture is now the new 512X texture so assuming your material is textured base you will need to up the resolution. This is a typical raster problem using textures and the current trend for material is towards vector, PBR or procedural materials.

On the other hand

From time to time my materials get super blurry but opening the material in the editor solves the problem so I never took to time to figure out why.

Both of your answers make…so much sense.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of either!

Thanks for the help!

~ Jason