Fullscreen or not to Fullscreen?

Hey is there to set the window size so when i play in stand Alone it goes to full screen Automatically? or can anyone give me some advice on it for instance to have it go directly to fullscreen or should i put Resolution size options in my Main Menu Page?

Firstly, i think its a good idea to initially start your game in windowed mode and let the end users select their resolution display mode from your settings/options menu and save out the Game Settings to the ini unless you are 100% sure of your end users or target machine display settings.

If you want to set it to be full screen automatically you want to be looking at executing a console command r.SetRes 1920x1080f for fullscreen or r.SetRes 1920x1080w for windowed mode. Pick your desired resolution obviously.

An example flow could look like the BP below where it checks the status of a Boolean to determine how to create the r.SetRes string and appends the w or f to the selected resolution string.

Note: This is by no means the most optimal or efficient way but it gets the job done.