Fullscreen issues in Chrome and FireFox

Has anyone else encountered and/or found a work around for this? We launched our webdemo( yesterday and noticed that when you try to fullscreen in Chrome it keeps the game window the same size and then fills the rest of the screen with black. Worse yet when you fullscreen in Firefox it just fills the entire screen with black. You can run around, shoot guns, do whatever but everything’s blacked out.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Is it still up and running. When I try to open the link, only loading gif is displayed

on size changes, you need to tell the canvas that the context must be updated, by changing the width and height. not just style width and height!..

try adding something like this to your iframe…

  window.onresize = function () {
    var canvas = document.getElementById( "canvas" );
    if ( !!canvas ) {
      canvas.width = window.innerWidth;
      canvas.height = window.innerHeight; = window.innerWidth + "px"; = window.innerHeight + "px";

edit: oh and you must change the width and height back, if window gets smaller. try to improve the code.

you can also hide the current default buttons and add your own.
check out “requestFullscreen”, “exitFullscreen”, and “onfullscreenchange” events. here is a good example:

Did you solved this?