Fullscreen and Windowed fullscreen bugged with dual monitor on linux

When I open a UT4 in fullscreen or windowed fullscreen on linux (gnome desktop, if relevant), the game open correctly on the primary monitor at the correct resolution, but none of the button works, as if the pointer was out of sync with the window position.

If the window lose focus, it minimize (is this intended?), and when i refocus it, it open on the secondary monitor on the left, which is smaller, with working buttons. If i move it on the correct monitor, the viewport will span the smaller resolution and the rest of the screen will be black, and the buttons will still not work.

I’m using the binary release of the game downloadable from the forum. This happens even with older releases.

Hey Overload-

The issues with fullscreen (both the black areas and the button offset) are related to the resolution change and are known issues (UE-19996) currently being investigated.