FullBodySlot and TopHalfSlot animations not playing at full strength

Hi, I’m having issues getting animations to play at full weight/strength.
So this is the AnimBP:

Neither of the slots play the animations at full strength but if I change the alpha to 1 instead of 0.5 the TopHalf animations play at full strength and the FullBodySlot animations don’t play at all.
Is there some way of getting both TopHalf and FullBody animations to play at full strength?
I should probably also say that these slots do not play animations at the same time, its either the TopHalfSlot or FullBodySlot.


This Also gives me the same results.
No matter what I cant get both AnimSlots to play at full strength.
Its either one AnimSlot plays at full strength and the other doesn’t or both AnimSlots play at half strength.
I’m certain its not the blend time when going in and out of animations because I have them set to 0.

Anyone got any ideas?


I’ve made a little progress:
maybe its progress or maybe its completely in the wrong direction.
the slots both play the animations at full strength but the TopHalfSlot affects the whole body of the character instead of just the top half like its supposed to.

Does anyone have a clue as to why its not acting the way it should?