"Full" Worlds: Is UDK thr right tool for me?

Hi. I’m new to UDK so please excuse my ignorance. I’m quite keen on writing a retro-game similar to Mercenary/Damocles. What sets these old games aside from modern games (in my opinion) is that Damocles consisted of a full ‘solar system’. The player could fly to various worlds within the system and the planets/moons all orbitted each other. Is it possible to create a system such as this with UDK? I’m thinking that UDK will only allow me to create one world but please do put me right on this.

If its not possible with UDK (3) then is something that is possible with Unity or a similar tool? Indeed it is possible to perform flight (simulation) with UDK?

As I said, I’m new to UDK but I do have experience in C++ programming for 15+ years. I had considered tackling this task using OpenGL but it would be far more enjoyable to use a tool to do the majority of work if possible.

Please post UDK questions into the UDK forum: :slight_smile:

With the UE4 it is possible -> level streaming/world composition :wink: + currently there is a UE4 game on Kickstarter which does nearly the same (so it should be possible)

Thanks for that. I plan on making this game of mine a freebie so I won’t be investing any money into it… I suspect it will be a while before UDK4 becomes freely available :slight_smile:

I personally think that the UE4 wont be free in the future. But you can also just pay 20$ once and then unsubscribe -> you will be still abel to use the engine (but you wont get any updates anymore) :slight_smile:

There will not be a UDK4 or a free version of UE4, the pricing is extremely cheap, and actually cheaper than UDK, there’s no reason for them to change it.

I wouldn’t mind paying $20 at all if it will do what I want it to. I’m still unsure if it will do what I want though. Streaming of levels is one thing but would it be capable of making worlds orbit around other worlds??

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