[Full-time Positions - BIRMINGHAM, UK] Flix Interactive are hiring C++ Programmers + UMG Guru's! 

[PAID - Full-time Job! BIRMINGHAM, UK] **Flix Interactive are hiring C++ Programmer + UMG Guru’s! **

If you’re a C++ Programmer who wants to have a real say over how a project comes together, you want to work on some of the top UE4 AAA+ titles with some of our amazing clients, then we need you! We’re hiring in multiple areas of expertise.

Team Structure**:**
There’s a bunch of amazingly talented people who are UE4 developers, artists, animators and technical designers, etc., shacked-up in the Midlands, all working on a mixture of client projects and our own IP! We all get paid and love the job we do - and we’ve been doing it for the past 6+ years.

We value each other, the projects we work on and our home-life balance, so if it’s something that you’re interested in and you think you can add value, then please get in touch!

Previous Work:
Click HERE to see the Flix Interactive Showreel

Plus a number of UE4 AAA+ titles, the latest of which we can disclose is Crackdown 3 with the great team at Sumo Digital and Microsoft Game Studios.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer
Preferred experience in one of the following areas;

  • Networking
  • AI
  • Server Optimization
  • UMG/UI
  • Gameplay/Systems


  • We would need you to work in-house and/or move to the Midlands (UK)
  • Experience on previously complete projects needs to be evidenced
  • If you’re cross disciplined, it’s only a bonus :slight_smile:


E-mail: john [at]
Skype: jonny_t2002

These are nice people.

Go work for these people.

That is all.