[Full Time] [Paid] Unreal Engine C++ programming

Need hire multiple instructors who are good at either Unreal Engine C++ programming; Or Blender 3D character modeling +rigging+animation. Yearly (Spring, Summer and Fall semesters) salary of US Dollar about $70,000 for Lecturer, $84,000 for Senior Lecturer, $110,000 for Assistant Professor. About 2 and half months summer & winter vacation breaks. local household yearly family income is about $50,000. For a brand new 2 floor house with 1-2 living room, study room, breakfast room, Kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 4-5 bedrooms, size of 200-450 square meters, big size front & back yards: average 700-2,000 square meters private land lot, costs about $200,000-$400,000 US dollars. The living cost is much lower than most American metropolitan cities and suburbs. Hyundai Automobile American manufacturing center is located in the city, together with a large number of Korean, Japanese and German Automobile supply chain companies.

Excellent employee benefits package and one of the best teacher’s retirement pension plan in the nation: when retired, every year you get up to 70% of your highest yearly salary without working.

We will obtain H1B working visa for candidates and sponsor US Immigration Permanent Resident green card for candidate & spouse & all non-adult children to immigrate to USA as well. please send your portfolio samples link. We want to hire talented people with very attractive salary, benefit package and pension plan. Please send your CV to following links. No teaching statement, research statement and transcript needed at this stage.

Please contact via email at: leiwuyh@hotmail.com

We also provide reallocation fee to help you and your family to move to USA

We are looking at talents not other things, so don’t worry if you do not have teaching experience, or Master Degree. Minimum Bachelor degree to pass immigration requirement to get H1B visa for you.

Assistant Professor Position in Computer Art, 3D Modeling, Animation, Gaming

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer of Computer Science Position in Computer Arts, 3D modeling, animation, gaming:

Please contact via email at: leiwuyh@hotmail.com