Full time on site UMG scripter

Hi all,

We’re looking to add a full time UI script master to our team. Unfortunately I can’t talk about the project it’s for, but I can tell you a little about us. We’re The Molasses Flood, and our debut title was The Flame in the Flood (out on everything, built in UE4). We’ve been staffing up for a new project and this is the last position we need filled. You can see the listing here:

We offer competitive salary, benefits (401k, flexible hours and work from home, insurance, profit sharing), and the opportunity to work on a pretty cool project with a bunch of talented devs. Our current team includes alums from Irrational Games, Bungie, Hi-Rez, Sony Santa Monica, EA, Obsidian, Harmonix, and more. Unfortunately this is only open to people who can work in the US, as we don’t have the resources to sponsor a visa at this time. This is an on-site position in Boston, and we can offer relocation assistance if necessary.

Feel free to apply via the website, or email


  • Forrest

Hey Forrest,
■■■■ man, I got super super excited at the chance of working together as we are massive fans of your first title, and then bummed out to the max when I saw you were only looking for folks in-house. I figured if anything I’d just leave a reply sending our kudos on The Flame and let you know how much we all cherish that game, it’s gorgeous and amazing in all the way games these days need to be. If you ever want to chat, feel free to drop me a line at


Thanks! We’re also working with a lot of contractors. I tried checking out your site but it looks kinda broken at the moment… 404 errors, no formatting. I’ll check back later… I’m assuming it’s just some hiccup.