[full-time] Looking for Senior C++/UE4 developer for permanent position in Frankfurt

Company name:
MESO Digital Interiors GmbH.

We’re a mid-size (30-50 employees) company making interiors, expo-booths, advertisement-spaces or experiences in Frankfurt am Main. We’re looking for a seasoned C++ developer who’s not afraid of making UE4 do our bidding in unconventional ways and places. You’ll work with large fancy display arrangements or projection-mappings, using exotic hardware and sensors for user interaction driving the content.

Speaking German is not required, and MESO can aid with moving. See further requirements and benefits at the following link:

Previous work:

Mathias Wollin

(you can also message me (I’m the lead UE4 developer here), but I’m not HR)

Bump. We’re still looking for recruits. Contact us if you’re interested.

Hey David, Sorry to hear you’re having problems filling the role, would love to chat more and see about collaborating remotely