[FULL-TIME] Looking for Art Director in Ontario

Team Name: Joydrop Ltd

Team Structure:
Mark Mikulec(Project Creator, Company Founder, Executive Producer)

Project Management, Programming & Game Design 15+ years

Ted Ludzik(Associate Producer)
Game Design, Project Management

The 10+ other Joydrop employees will be brought on for work on this project as needed, and the Art Director will work alongside the producers to acquire talent for the core art team for this project.

Previous Work:
Much of our past work was porting and optimizing existing games. This includes:

Thief of Thieves - Rival Games
Dune Sea - Frolic Labs

And members of our team have worked on:
-Dark Sector

Talent Required:
Art Director (1)
Requirements (this information is also available in the attached .pdf)

  • 5+ years of leadership experience in the video game industry
  • Resident of Ontario, Canada
  • A college diploma in Fine Arts or equivalent
  • At least one shipped game
  • Professional experience with Photoshop and 3D modelling software
  • Experience with designing for PC and console

Skills & Traits

  • A not-at-all-secret passion for games
  • Knowledge and experience in both 2D and 3D digital art
  • The ability to to push the stylization of artistic forms while maintaining readability
  • Creativity, positivity, and understanding
  • Superior knowledge and long-time experience with the digital design software tools of your choice
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Proficiency in design fundamentals like typography, color theory, layout, and user-centered design principles
  • Willing to listen and learn to speak with disciplines other than your own, such as programmers, production managers, and clients


  • Work with the producers and developers to define the artistic vision for our game
  • Create the style guide of our game
  • Coordinate the art team, work as part of it when needed
  • Explain design choices and provide rationale
  • Balance the artistic vision of the game with the technical constraints of development
  • Take notes and critiques with a collaborative, team-based approach
  • Follow, maintain, and expand visual pattern libraries and style guides
  • Assist in the recruitment and encouragement of artistic talent

If the above applies to you, email us at [EMAIL=“”]
Be sure to include your:

  • Portfolio
  • Resume
  • References