Full-time Developer at AR/VR company in Canada (Willing to help relocate the right candidate)

MAMMOTH VR and MAMMOTH AR are sister companies in the innovative field of mixed reality content creation. We make an impact on the world through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for industry leading clients and partners.

We believe that anything is possible and you should too!

We need a creative developer who is willing to use past techniques on brand new platforms. Someone who wants to take everything they make a step further, as well as making experiences immersive and exceptional.
We are looking for an explorer – a futurist who is passionate about technology and its possibilities. Someone to help us line up some cool projects and be proud to stand behind them! Be prepared because Black Mirror is required viewing for all MAMMOTH employees, and Ready Player One is required reading. Culture plays a major role at MAMMOTH. Mortal Monkey Mondays, Wii Wednesdays, and Vinyl Fridays are some of our featured events. We have a lot of fun, but only because we finish A LOT of incredible work as we do our part to lead the world into a very exciting and positive future.

Oh, and all MAMMOTH employees get a full benefits package – and unlimited vacation.

We are looking for a talented individual to add to our team and share in our development process, so let us know about what games and game mechanics excite you the most! Please feel free to include a cover letter or write up to tell us about you and why you think you would fit the position. REQUIREMENTS

  • ~3 Years of professional Unity (C#), Unreal Engine (C++ and Blueprints), or other popular game engine experience, though Unity and Unreal are preferred
  • Experience with Publishing, Distribution, and Release is not required, but would be a nice addition
  • Experience with professional code reviewing is a good plus
  • Low-end/performance friendly experience is key
  • Understanding of 3D mathematics
  • Exceptional understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Willingness to use brand new software with little to no documentation or public experience
  • Experience with React / ReactVR is a huge plus
  • Experience with WebVR is a huge plus

If you feel you’re a fit, feel free to give us a shout at [EMAIL=“”]

I’m guessing you guys are looking for someone onsite and aren’t open to working with some fine folks based in Montreal, right? If you’re ever in need of talented devs with AR/VR experience and a fondness for maple syrup let us know :slight_smile: Cheers!