Full Stack Web Developer / Long term + full time opportunity

We are looking for an experienced and logical thinking web developer that will be working with a simplified PHP backend, with a JavaScript framework that is made for it. The project is based on viewing 3D models in the cloud. The work involves working with the Autodesk Forge APIs, but most of the 3D work is already done, the remaining work is largely UI and backend related.

We are looking for someone to join our development team for a longer term. Preferably full time.
You will be granted specific objectives related to the project described above - and guidance from our other developers if needed.

Let me know if this sounds interesting and I’d be happy to share further details with you.

One Screening Question will be asked.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

Hello @Mykita,

I am Leonardo, a developer from southmost Brazil, I have experience with PHP and have working on Laravel/Symfony projects for the last few years. I also helped to ship a game to Steam, called The Away Team by Underflow Studios.

I am interested in your position if a part time position is possible, at least for starters.


would you like to cooperate with the Program-Ace company?
Developers at our company are available both for the project and team extension basis. We’d like to provide you with our resources on this project.
Please drop me a line at