Full screen mode, Music, UMG

3 part question guys! Please don’t post links to other questions as I’ve read near enough through all of them and they are either un-answered or answered in such a way that I aint got a god ■■■■ clue as to what the answers mean so here we go.

  1. How do you make it so when you run a deployed version of the game, it sets the window to full screen mode without the window bar at the top? I already attempted implementing a console command (image 1) and it did not work.

  2. How do you get music to play continuously through levels when each level is loaded up through a open level command? I can’t use level streaming as my game is an arcade isometric camera view game and there is no way of implementing level streaming with it. (Image_2)

  3. Why is it my UMG Widget menu’s won’t remove from the viewport even after I have told them to using blueprint? Regardless of how many times I press one of the buttons on the screen, they stay on the viewport even though they are meant to remove themselves. (Image_3)

alt text

Did you get to solve your menu problem? i am having the same issue

Yes I did. I used a remove widget in blueprint which allowed me to remove the whole UMG so I didn’t have this issue anymore. I just had to place it in the right location for the right timed event and it was perfect. Don’t have this issue anymore :slight_smile: