Full-Screen Fade In / Fade Out

Hello there!
I’ve been toying around with Blueprint but I can’t find any possible way to make the screen fade in / fade out. I tried doing this through Slate but Slate wasn’t have any of it and I was wondering if this was possible through Blueprint. I can’t find any documentation about it but I was wondering if it were possible.

, Ryan S

You can use Matinee for that. Create a Director track, dont set any key frames. Then create a Fade track for Director, set it’s keys as you wish. Finally when you set the matinee to play from level start(or with an event in BP) you’ll get full screen fade in and out.

But can Matinee fade in and out again via blueprint for e.g on ActorBeginOverlap for a volume?

Of course. You can set it in the level blueprint so that it plays whenever you want.

Thank-you for your help!

And how to fade in fade out in actor blueprint? In Kismet there was a function for that and it was really useful.

How do you mean exactly?

He was talking about this little function :wink:
Even if there was the way to do this through timeline, it would be better than matinee :wink:


I did that in a custom UGameViewportClient class re-implemneting the Draw function, thus it would be nice to have it in the base class with a nice BP function :smiley: