Full screen ads IOS (and android)

I am looking for a way to implement fullscreen ads for my game.

So far i have found a few posts that say interstitial ads are not supported, some that say they wont be supported anytime soon, and some that say they have tried and failed to implement their own.

There is one post on the answerhub that is close, but its for android and I really need IOS.

Are there any tutorials or guides on how I could get this to work for IOS?

Are there any plugins that could do this already? (this one is “coming soon”)

An IOS developer IRC would be handy aswell if someone can point me to a good channel.

Unreal has been pushing for better mobile support in the recent updates so if any epic devs are reading this, please consider supporting more monetisation options (and the documentation to make them work).

Without the ability to monetise it makes developing any mobile games using unreal that much harder/impossible for any teams that need to pay rent and eat.

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We do want to improve our plugin support for mobile on the advertising side. However, we have to juggle many competing priorities and this has not risen to the top yet. It should not be too hard to add this feature to our existing ad plugins

I’m going to give implementing it myself a shot, but I’m not very savvy with ios, mac or objective-c.

Are the improvements to the advertising set for a milestone yet or are they on the back burner?

This probably means my project will have to go on hiatus for a while instead of shipping.

They are not scheduled afaik

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