Full Scene Exporter (Direct to Sketchfab would be nice)

I’d like a simple way to export an entire level: landscape, meshes, materials, lightmaps. Specifically I’d like to be able to send it straight to Sketchfab.

Currently UE4 can export multiple selected objects at once, but the one big thing missing is the landscape materials do not get exported. Just the landscape components as meshes. So I suppose that’s the one feature I’m really missing.

But, if there were also some way to export the entire level directly to Sketchfab, that’d be amazing. Unity has a direct exporter to Sketchfab but it appears to only be for individual meshes.

Thank you!

Very unlikely, since exporting out of UE4 isn’t super important even for the more popular 3D programs. As far as materials go, the vast majority of cases in all of 3D the materials don’t export because of specific material requirements that don’t have something corresponding to convert to.

bump at least for individual models. Material conversion wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

You can export individual models already, just select it in the content browser and right click to find the Export option
You can also export scenes from sequencer.
As far as materials go, that would be a problem given that the nodes in UE4 aren’t really that directly convertable to other programs