Full precision Uv`s


I have a number of assets which need Full precision uv`s applied.

Currently I manually have to go into each obj and check and apply.

This is fine for a relatively small number of mesh assets, but I have around 300 to do.

Is there any way, of automating this process which any of you know of??


I’m in the same boat! I need full precision UVs on lots of objects. Some way to bulk edit this, or set it on as default would be much appreciated.

Use property matrix (Context menu (RMB) => Asset actions => Bulk edit via property matrix…).
And maybe pay a little more attention to interface. It helps.

Have a good one!

This is an older post, but in case anyone else comes across this…

Had the same issue and unfortunately GranMinigun is incorrect. Full Precision is not accessible in the property matrix.

My solution was creating a c++ wrapper and calling a function with python.

snippet of c++ function lib code :

void MyCFunctionLibrary::setUvPrecision(UStaticMesh * StaticMesh, bool isPrecision)
FMeshBuildSettings NewBuildSettings;
NewBuildSettings.bUseFullPrecisionUVs = isPrecision;
FStaticMeshSourceModel& SourceModel = StaticMesh->GetSourceModel(0);
SourceModel.BuildSettings = NewBuildSettings;

then calling this in python would be something along these lines:

import unreal as ue
asset = ue.load_asset(’/Game/Assets/TestModel’)

Hi. Could anyone help me please?
I have like 300 models. Do i have to check and apply every model one by one?
Is there any way to set precision to full by default?