Full MySQL functionality through a UE4 interface

I saw something similar to this so I thought I would see if I could get someone to do this for me. I would like a way to login a user to a MySQL database. Depending on their user level they will either go to a player screen or an admin screen. The player screen I want to create a variety of tables that are associated with that user using data from the MySQL server. I also want to be able to update certain tables with input by the player. The admin screen I want to be able to click process and have all changes made by players to update on the server and even be able to have certain entries added and subtracted from certain results. This is for a turn based Strategic multiplayer strategy game I am making using data on an SQL Server. I want this in Blueprints only. I don’t know c++. I would prefer to have this done through somewhere like Fivrr for both of our protection but would be willing to consider other transaction methods. I know this is a lot. If there are any questions about what I am asking for please ask. Thanks.