Full Home Pre-vis and Customization

Hey everyone! You may have seen my earlier project where I created King Tut’s head piece in UE4. I am now working on my first architectural visualization.

My goal is to create a house (that is currently being physically built in reality) in UE4 where the wall colors can be customized, the furniture can be moved around, the lights can be turned on/off, and the doors opened and closed, etc. The purpose is to have an intuitive resource for exploring possible configurations of the actual house in a cheap and no risk way.

I’m having a lot of trouble in executing this project, but I am determined to learn and see this through. Currently, I have the overall house roughly modeled in Modo 601.

I would love to get advice as to the best workflow for creating a playable, customizable game like this. I’ve heard that using the UE4 geometry brushes are not very efficient, and that a modular workflow where the walls are modeled and then imported afterwards is the best approach.

Again, I would love to get some feedback. Thanks!

Start with basic furniture and get on with lighting, then create a couple of master materials and instance them. Once you get on this part then we can speak about interactions :wink: