Full Functional Networked Inventory System

So I have a completely fully functional networked inventory system that I’d like to share. Please offer any insights/critiques on how this system can be changed to work better.
Thanks! The system runs completely 100% on the server side, and this is of course to avoid cheating. It’s been tested with 10 clients and works smooth.
Made with 100% Blueprint Visual Scripting only!


Dang! That’s amazing! Are you releasing this, or any tutorials about it? I’d be really interested in seeing the process. Somewhat related, but how was the process of setting up a remote server? I can’t find any tutorials on this aspect and I’m kinda stuck with it as the documentation is really sparse about setting a server up on anything but a local machine.

Thanks for sharing, great work!

Hey this looks pretty good, out of curiosity what are you using for your UI? Slate, Canvas ?

I haven’t decided yet if I am going to release a tutorial about this. The system is extremely complex and a tad messy lol.

Canvas only :smiley:

Excellent job! We’re actually just approaching the same stage in our inventory system, though we have some bugs to work out before we can post anything. It looks like you’ve made very good progress though - I like the dark red overlay highlight that helps players see what inventory slot they’re currently focused on (you never think about those things until you actually build the system).

Keep it up!

can u at least share how to make the inventory system without the network part? im interested in the inventory UI drag n drop

I’m considering releasing a tutorial on this system, the only thing is - I’d have to spend just the same amount of time as it took for me to develop it to actually put a tutorial up. In my eyes, if there is not enough demand for it, then I should just succumb the idea. Otherwise, I do want people to realize how easy it actually is to make a system like this through blueprints only (with time and patience of course) and am heavily considering releasing the tutorial on this. So please give me some feedback on how much it would benefit you if I were to do this, because the time it will take to release this tutorial will be quite heavy.

You could send it our way (Indigenous, RPG Framework) and we can send you ours (We’re also working on hooking things into a persistent database if you’re interested in that) and we can see who has a more efficient system each step of the way and work on a tutorial together.

Just an idea, no worries if you aren’t comfortable with that. We’ll release our blueprint setups (at the very least) when we get everything working how we like anyways, and I’m sure there will be a few more inventory systems created in the future.

If you need help with the tutorial i could help u.

And one question. How do u do this “look at” dots with blueprint only? (:

The issue is in no way a matter of comfortability, but a matter of ‘replication’ (lol no pun intended), it’s just that I would have to ‘replicate’ the entire system over again and explain it for video purposes…that’s not necessarily an issue, but it is definitely time-consuming…

Very Impressive Savaikun. I love seeing people blow my mind with what can be done with just blueprints. I would definitely love to take a peek at what you got going on :D. We need to come up with a way for people like you and the others who can receive donations for their time and efforts for tutorials and doing all of the heavy lifting for people like me who cant invest as much time into figuring it all out lol.

Donations wouldn’t be necessary, as I’m here to help the community as much as they’ve helped me :slight_smile:
I’m working on a tutorial afterall for this, but it’ll take me a few days to have it published.


That is awesome!

Awesome work, very very nice.

Thats Understandable. In any case keep up the great work :slight_smile:

very interested in a tutorial, just thought id add my voice. amazing work!


Very great job ! I am impatient to learn how you do ^^ (But take your time please and do your tutorial as great as your inventory :stuck_out_tongue: )

I should have a starter part of the tutorial up by tonight. The goal is to have it fully released by the end of the week.

Smokin’ awesome work savaikun!! I think I’m speaking for a lot of others out there in saying that we would benefit immensely from a tutorial on this process and forever grateful.

Just thinking out loud for these types of scenarios and others that it sure would be nice if as the Epic Marketplace grows if it had some type of points/currency system(maybe something along the lines of deviantArt) where when an individual takes the time to create a tutorial and post it to the community then those who benefit from it could donate Epic points/currency to the author in appreciation for their efforts which they could in turn use to purchase other content on the marketplace. Could potentially inspire a wide variety of people to contribute to expanding the knowledge of UE4 and everyone gains a little.