Full control for simplified collision shapes on meshes

The current the way the simplified collisions work (sphere, capsule, and box) if you can adjust where it is using only the axes of the collision object. You cannot manually specify its location on/relative to the mesh, the exact scale you want the collision object to have, or the exact rotation of the collision object. A place where such functionality exists is when placing a simple cube or sphere mesh into the level, you’re able to set its position and rotation either globally or relative to its parent actor, for the capsule you can find that with the capsule component that you can attach to actors/pawns.

The reason this is a problem is that when you add, for example, a simplified box collision to your mesh it will encompass the entire mesh. This makes sense and I don’t have a problem with the collision object starting there. My problem comes when I need to scale down the collision object to be a certain size, like the width of a wall. Yes you can scale the object down by hitting ‘r’ when you have the collision object selected but you have 0 precision beyond that. Even making 2 box collision objects and scaling them the same number of steps, in any direction, does not make 2 equally sized objects. This leads to a problem where now that the objects are not the same LxWxH you can’t properly line them up and since you can’t specify the location of the collision object you can’t force the center points to be lined up. The only modification option that I’ve found to actually work as one would expect when compared to a cube/sphere in the level or capsule attached to an actor/pawn is the rotation. You’re able to lock along certain degrees (whatever step amounts you choose, or none if you don’t lock rotation to steps) so you can make sure the angles between 2 collision objects is the same.

Because of how modifying collision objects works when adding the simplified collision objects to meshes I spent the last hour and a half doing something that took 5 minutes when manually adding interior walls to my building model in the level. The feature I am requesting is to give us a panel similar to the “Transform” panel when editing an object in the world (minus the mobility settings). When importing a mesh just assign an origin to the mesh somewhere that all collision objects are relative to.

Of course such a feature is only really useful whenever the mesh you import doesn’t already have collision added to the mesh itself from wherever you got the mesh/what you made it in and custom making something like a house with cubes also avoids this problem. But in the situation you need to add/modify the existing simplified collision objects it can be a real pain making sure everything is accurate.

I’d love to see a feature like that because of the amount of time it would save (5 minutes vs 90 minutes to do the same task).

Thanks! :smiley:

If I’m understanding you correctly, I’m pretty sure this is there already in the static mesh editor (although I’m not sure what version added it - I’m testing 4.16).
In the Collision section of the static mesh editor’s Details panel, open up “Primitives”. Any box, sphere or capsule collision can be moved around using the type-in boxes. Convexes cant be edited this way however.

Wow! It’s a bit buried down there but this is pretty much what I’m looking for. Thanks for letting me know :smiley: