full console command reference.. including all exec commands and their options.

Hey so I happened across the following console command which shed some light on how feature rich console commands can be, but also how you can really miss a lot at first glance with what is presented to you if you just pay attention to the basic text highlight popup.

Instead of getting an output listing everything that can done for the particular command,

generates an html page of all console commands, where searching for camera in that page shows

could someone point me to a page that lists all the options available to the camera command?
I’m sure there are a lot more options, but I’m not sure where I need to look to see them all.
For exec commands like this in general, where does one look to discover all the exec commands and all their arguments?

Is there an argument or option that can be provided to the help command itself?
for instance in Houdini’s textport you can type ***help -k something ***to get all commands with something in it, and then help something gives you the ‘full’ help for the command with all the arguments/options that can be invoked, a description of what that command does, as well as reference to its python api equivalent.

maybe a task/question for the unreal documentation team?