Full Body IK plugin/tool? (Used for motion capture data)

I am trying to find a solution for unreal so I would be able to take motion capture data and move a skeleton/rig with it in unreal.
I am able to do so to some degree with twobone IK, but I wonder if there is a full body IK solution I can use to make it look more natural?
So I would like to know if there are ready IK solutions for motion capture, or if you have a suggestion how I should make my character make use of motion capture data.

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You may look into this one by @YuriNK. It has a try-before-you-buy demo you can download to check if it is fit for purpose:

The issue is that I ned full body IK for mocap data, not necessarily from specific censor. Does it let me provide any 5 points or can it only run with a VIVE connected?

Is there anything new in this topic?

If not then maybe do you know what are the steps to visualize custom mocap points in UE actors?

Hey @anonymous_user_ff62ff5d! Did this work for you?
Welcome to the forums, @da.st!
There is an official UE plugin for Mocap now, called Live Link! :slight_smile:
Here’s the documentation on it explaining setup and how to use the feature!

You can try Rigel, my full body motion capture plugin.

Demo is here.

If you have any questions let me know.

My motion capture data contains only sockets locations (Vector), but in Live Link videos I see there is a stream from Maya animation. So do I need to pass full socket Transform to Live Link in this case? @Mind-Brain

Is it possible to pass only raw mocap data, which is sockets’ locations, and see moving actors in UE (with correct sockets’ rotations)?

@da.st I don’t think that’s possible, no :frowning: Unreal isn’t ready for this or we wouldn’t need amazing heavily-specialized programs like Maya! That’s why we have things like Live-Link, as it allows you to link up to many of the bigger animation softwares.

If the purpose is animation cleanup. Use a DCC.

Yea, you can filter out/fix and even get software to use AI to do some basic cleanup from the initial recording, but there’s really no way around manually putting in the work to get the animation(s) right.

Particuarly true for loops and base locomotions that are on screen 90% of the game time…

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