Full Body IK plugin/tool? (Used for motion capture data)

I am trying to find a solution for unreal so I would be able to take motion capture data and move a skeleton/rig with it in unreal.
I am able to do so to some degree with twobone IK, but I wonder if there is a full body IK solution I can use to make it look more natural?
So I would like to know if there are ready IK solutions for motion capture, or if you have a suggestion how I should make my character make use of motion capture data.

You may look into this one by @YuriNK. It has a try-before-you-buy demo you can download to check if it is fit for purpose:

The issue is that I ned full body IK for mocap data, not necessarily from specific censor. Does it let me provide any 5 points or can it only run with a VIVE connected?