full blueprints tut

Does anyone know if theres anyone making like a very basic blueprint tutorial series aside from the ones from unreal themselves. I keep watching various tutorial videos but 90% of the ones ive watched is someone, popping blueprints everywhere and quickly connecting them without really explaining why they used that particular node. I assume most of these guys assume we as viewers know programming, so when they start dropping Lerps, and float-float, etc, that we would just get this. I dont actually get any of that and was looking if anyone knew a video series that explains what a particular node does and when I would use it , etc. some people have told me to read the docs, and go through the content examples, but those are not written in a way that is easy for me a non-programmer to understand. I brought up the content examples and was looking at the physics handle one because it had a tutorial on the wiki, but I see a ton of nodes and thats it to me, I dont understand how they work together, so looking at content examples is not helping either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

I am planing on making small tutorials to expain the editor, c++(blueprint) and the basic classes (so that you know what class fits your needs, like where do i put the score of a player etc).
So not showing how to create a specific system, but just explaining the general basics.

Besides that i don’t know about tutorials that explain while creating. Maybe Tesla (youtube him) :X

thanks i followed a couple of his, then it got more complex, lol