Full Blender scenes to Unreal Engine

I am new to Unreal, just started learning it a couple of days ago. My aim is to use it as a lighting and rendering tool for my animated movies. I am not into game design at all.

I would like to create all my assets and scenes and do all the animation in Blender, then move everything to Unreal for the lighting and rendering.

When I export my scene as an *.fbx and use File > Import into Level to get everything as it was set-up in Blender, all the objects are imported into their respective positions, but the animation doesn’t play at all. I have to connect every object to its animation asset, and when I do that, the animation loops automatically. I am sure there is some setting that would prevent the animation from looping. I just haven’t found it yet since I am still learning.

The main issue I have with this method is the fact that I have to connect every animated object to its animation asset. This is a very tedious process and could lead to errors when scenes get more complex.

Is there any way I can get the animation to connect automatically to the objects?

Maybe this will help?

Thanks browndl. I have already watched this one and this is the method I have been following.

The problem is, when I use the regular ‘Import’, the animations are there, but I have to redo the setup for the scene from scratch. If I use ‘Import into Level’, on the other hand, I get the scene setup, but all the animations have to be attached per object.