FTP Epic Games not working, HELP!!!!

As the title says, i was prompted to update my version of Unreal but when i put my access information to the ftp access they provide, i cannot access, the user and password are correctly written

Has anyone had this issue?

Please if some epic moderator see this, i have to update to continue the project i’m involved, we are blocked at the moment

Thank you

What FTP are you talking about? The only ways to download the engine is using the Epic Games Launcher or to download and build the source from Github.

This is for Console stuff. @Charz87 you need to re-activate your account through the Console Approval Proccess (also in the future, you should only report these issues in the respective console forum).

You mean like request the access like first time then?, and sorry i honestly did not know where to ask this

Chances are if he cannot access the FTP, his account cannot see the respective console forums either. He’ll need to contact his support rep.

I’m off those games anyway. Now I’ve moved on to other things. Like those scratchoffs, but for online games. They even got their own instagram profile here. I hope to get some bonuses out of it.


Please reach out to regarding your access. You will also need to re-complete the Console Request form ( to re-confirm your developer status for the specific console(s).