FTimespan cannot passed correctly on RPC

hey, guys. this big problem has already cost me the whole day, and still, i got no answer. so i post question here, hope you can really help :slight_smile:

UFUNCTION(Server, Reliable, WithValidation)
void ServerTest();
UFUNCTION(Client, Reliable)
void LocalTest(FTimespan timespan);


void AMyPlayerController::ServerTest_Implementation()
	FTimespan timespan(0, 0, 10);
bool AGameUtilityPlayerController::ServerTest_Validate()
	return true;

void AGameUtilityPlayerController::LocalTest_Implementation(FTimespan timespan)
	// some print string code to see timespan

as you can see, i pass the FTimespan with 10 seconds, but the result on client is 0.
i tried to define a member FTimespan instead of this temporary timespan, not work.
i tried to define this member FTimespan as UPROPERTY(Replicated), but also not work.


only properties with the UPROPERTY macro of structs with the USTRUCT macro are considered fro replication.
FTimespan has neither.

I’d create a wrapper struct for holding a variable that can be transformed into a FTimespan.

very helpful !! thank you so much!