FTC's Scribbles

Great work on all your video’s, FTC -I could see any of these deployed in a AAA title!

@Zeustiak: The portals size in UU does not really matter, since they are projected render textures. The real performance drain is the actual resolution of the render texture, because the scene needs to be rendered again for each portal and each pixel adds up onto the render time.

Hmm, that sounds like it could be more expensive than using 3 times as many instance meshes. Have you performance tested it to see at what point performance drags down?

Also, I am assuming you could spawn meshes that sit in the middle of the portal with one edge on one side and one on another?

I haven’t performance tested anything, since as I said this is a quick test to play around. Having a mesh intersect the portal won’t work because an actor is either on the one or the other side of the portal. To get an intersection effect you would need to synch two actors on both ends of the portal.

I wrote my own version of this using C++ and some vector math using built-in functions. All I have to say is there will be lag no matter what as an artifact of unreal’s rendering target system. I’ve set my tick groups and yet there is still a slight discrepancy when the camera moves very quickly - I’m using the defaultPawn class, which can move around faster. I can say, however, that C++ creates a much, much lower frame lag than the blueprint system.

Hello. Sorry to revive an old thread, but there needs to be more info on getting this portal to work in UE4. I’ve been struggling to get something reliable myself, and I’d like to create a blueprint class that can be duplicated to multiple portals in a world, where the user can manually set which portal goes to which in the blueprint. It doesn’t need to be seamless, mind you, but a seamless solution like the one above would be nice! I’m doing this in third person, so if there’s any info that can help with that, I’d greatly appreciate it. We need portals in UE4.

FTC: Is there any chance you might release the changes you made in order to produce that portal proof-of-concept? There’s a startling lack of documentation on methodology of robust techniques of that sort with UE4.

Also struggling with creating the visuals for the portals here…
Some help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: